Hi, I'm Pierce

I'm an entrepreneur, designer, consultant, and programmer. I want to make things that change the world. I like sweaters, tinkering in the shop, and long walks on the beach.

I'm a Junior at Stanford University studying Computer Science, Product Design, and Economics.

This is a collection of some things I've really loved working on.

Cardinal Flights


Used by several hundred undergraduates, Cardinal Flights connects Stanford students with other trees at the same airport - letting them meet up, grab a meal, or Uber to and from campus to save some money.



I've been involved with SportsBoard since the inception of the company in 2011. During the summer of 2015 I led a massive design and development overhaul that gave birth to SB 3.0 - the next generation of player assessment tools used in hundreds of athletic programs around the country.

The Heatmap


The Heatmap is an online listing of all the events going on around your campus, right now. It plugs in to a myriad of group calendars, in addition to sporting user contributions, to make sure you always hear about the latest event before it's over.


(coming soon)

Spark is a design+development client project that lets you meet up with interesting people around you. Find sparks in common that can act as conversation fodder. The application is due to be released soon.


Film Portfolio

The most important part of any video is the story. It's the thread that joins the whole work together; it's how film moves us deeply and drives us to action. From a young age I've loved listening to stories, and now I especially enjoy creating my own.


Photo Portfolio

What started out as my first business, an animal photography studio in middle school, grew into a full-fledged hobby for photography. The right, natural moment comes around infrequently but is absolutely priceless when it does.

Boomerang [Retired]

Boomerang, now retired, was an iPhone and iPad application that enabled seamless web browsing on all of your devices. A half-played video or mostly-filled-out form on your Mac could be boomeranged to your phone to pick up right where you left off.